Driver Helper

Job Summary:

As a Driver Helper you are responsible for assisting Drivers with their daily deliveries to a variety of customer stops, while working safely and in the best interest of the customer and the company. Driver Helpers are also required to get their Commercial Driver’s License and become Drivers.

Job Duties:
Maintain a valid Driver’s License; all expenses are the employee’s sole responsibility.
Ability to get their Class ‘A’ CDL learners permit within 60 days of hire; then get their class ‘A’ CDL within 60 days of obtaining their CDL Learners Permit, all expenses are the employee’s sole responsibility.
Check in with Driver Supervisor/Manager at the beginning and end of each work day.
Make all stops as assigned.
All Driver Helpers are responsible for proper rotation of stock in retail accounts. The proper way to rotate product is First In - First Out (FIFO).  Every time you enter an account, rotation must take place when the product codes require it. Any dated product you discover in an account must be immediately reported to your supervisor. Do not discuss dated product with anyone but the customer.
Driver Helpers must not stack any beer next to furnaces, heat ducts, radiators or in direct sunlight or any other unsafe manner.
Trucks should be fueled and all fluid levels checked daily and/or upon leaving for your delivery route. Vehicle mileage must be included each time you fuel up a company vehicle, add oil, etc. if required.
D.O.T. Vehicle Inspection Report - Should be filled out completely every day before leaving on your deliveries
Driver Helpers must follow the company credit policy at all times. An invoice with no special notation may be paid for or charged by the customer. Any special notations regarding payment must be strictly followed. If the order is cash, or a payment on a previous invoice is required, verify the money is available before you remove the product from your truck. Please remember that a customer’s credit status is between the customer and the company. Any conversation with a customer regarding his/her credit must be held so that it may not be heard by any patron or employee of the customer.  
When parking the vehicle at retail accounts; park so as not to alienate or interfere with the store's customers or the general public and in low risk areas to avoid damage to the vehicle.
Always meet appropriate store personnel to check in merchandise.
Price stamp products when appropriate and with correct price, build pleasing and proper displays, ensure every product delivered is displayed in a neat and orderly fashion, stacks barrels in coolers and taps barrels where appropriate, and picks up all empties at each delivery.
No driver may pick up any bad half or quarter barrels for credit to the customer unless first tagged by draft department.
Use and maintain the Beer Capitol equipment, vehicles, and Beer Capitol building in a neat and orderly condition.
Call the Delivery Supervisor/Manager if, for any reason, you have a refused or voided invoice.
Employees that violate any credit restriction will be held financially responsible for any loss the company may suffer because of your action.
The Daily Manifest must be filled out completely with: mileage, time in and out of account, amount of empties picked up, and the order that the stops were done.
Operates company equipment safely and according to company guidelines
Driver Helpers will be assigned their own handcart, and will be responsible for the replacement cost, if the handcart is destroyed, lost, or stolen while in their custody. Handcarts are to be locked up at the end of each day.
Always safeguard company invoices, monies, and other company property under your control by following all security procedures
Promptly prepares all required reports.
Balance both products and receipts each day, sort money by denomination and invoices by paid and charged.
Follow equipment and maintenance guidelines, and report all equipment service problems as soon as possible.
Driver Helpers are required to keep their company phones ‘On’, adequately charged, and on their person at all times while at work.
Responses in a timely manner to any and all phone calls, emails, voicemails, and text messages as required.
Reports for work every day on time and groomed appropriately dressed with steel-toed shoes as required by company policy
Follow all other company policies not specifically outlined in this job description at all times.
All other duties as assigned by the company.

Essential Functions:

Ability to drive and maintain a valid driver’s license and obtain a CDL class ‘A’ license.
Ability to frequently lift/lower from 5 to 175 pounds; One half-barrel weighs approximately 175 pounds, and you must be able to lift/lower that weight from at least 3 feet high/chest level and from that level to the ground on a frequent basis. The maximum weight of a case of product is 45 pounds, and you must be able to lift and stack cases overhead on a frequent basis.
Ability to push and pull 5 to 175 pounds frequently, this includes the ability to bend over and push.
Ability to climb or descend stairs with or without a handcart, moving approximately 100 to 350 pounds.
Ability to walk, stand, stoop, crouch, kneel, bend, twist, grasp, work at heights, reach to various levels, with adequate sense of balance while working/using company equipment or products.
Ability to work in a variety of environmental conditions: wet, dust, fumes, noisy, extreme hot or cold, and working outside in all types of Wisconsin weather.
Ability to communicate clearly, calmly, and comprehend with verbal and/or written communication to employees, supervisors, managers, customers and the public.
Possess good visual acuity at various distances with dimensional depth perception and color distinction.
Possess an analytical and mechanical aptitude, also a good decision making capability, and the ability to learn and operate all the necessary equipment safely.
Ability to complete and maintain our Powered Industrial Trucks Certification.
Ability to operate a computer.


Must possess sufficient knowledge of company products and current marketing programs in order to effectively execute all job tasks; and to answer routine inquiries and knowledge of supplier products/policies especially freshness standards and product marking identifying the same.
Know how to independently get to various locations that relate to the company’s business functions.

Attributes: Present a positive and enthusiastic demeanor to customers, co-workers and management, while maintaining a professional and polite attitude.

Experience and Education: High School Diploma (or GED or High School Equivalence Certificate)
Have and maintain a valid Driver’s License.

Accessibility: If you need an accommodation as part of the employment process please contact Human Resources.

Equal Opportunity Employer, including disabled and veterans.

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