“Established in 1972, Saunders Construction, Inc. is a customer-centric organization providing a wide range of services based on our client’s needs. Our customers are always the center of what we do. Our values are why we exist and the cornerstone of all our decisions. Our reputation and relationships are based on Care, Collaboration, Commitment and Community. With over $5 billion in successful projects, Saunders is currently ranked as one of the largest general contractors in Colorado by Engineering News Record Magazine and the Denver Business Journal. Saunders takes pride in our depth, diversity and consistency.”

What Benefits Can Saunders Construction Offer Me?

  • Health Insurance
  • Dental Insurance
  • Vision Insurance
  • 401k Plan / Safe Harbor plan
  • 8 Paid Holidays
  • Paid Time Off

General Purpose

Perform tasks involving physical labor at construction projects.

Duties and Responsibilities

  • Work with compressed air tools.
  • Function as signal person in all construction work defined herein.
  • Clear, excavate, fill, backfill, grade and landscape and perform skilled and unskilled labor connected therewith.
  • Assist in the wrecking or dismantling of building and other structures.
  • Cleanup procedures, to include removal of debris.
  • Form watchman duties, including flagman, garbage and debris handler, dumpman, firewatch, and tending of heaters and pumps.
  • Perform the duties of a tender for carpenters and other building crafts,
  • prepare, handle and convey materials whether by hand or any other process,
  • general cleanup, including sweeping, cleaning, and wiping of construction site or facility, washroom, equipment, and furnishings, removal and loading of all debris,
  • aging and curing concrete, mortar, or other materials.
  • Building, planking or installation and removal of all staging, swinging and hanging scaffolds including maintenance thereof. Dismantling scaffolds as well as preparing for foundations or mudsills for scaffolds and maintaining same.
  • Concrete, vitumenous concrete and aggregates:
  • mixing, handling, conveying, pouring, vibrating, gunniting and otherwise placing concrete or aggregates.
  • wrecking, stripping, dismantling and handling concrete forms and false work.
  • operating concrete conveyors, motorized wheelbarrows or buggies or machines of similar character,
  • hooking on, signaling, dumping and unhooking the bucket when concrete or aggregates are conveyed,
  • placing of concrete or aggregates, whether poured, pumped or gunnited or placed by any other process,
  • assembling and uncoupling of all connections and parts of or to equipment used in mixing or conveying concrete, aggregates or mortar, and the cleaning of such equipment, parts and or connections.
  • all vibrating, grinding, spreading flowing, puddling, leveling, and strikeoff of concrete or aggregates by floating, rodding, or screeding by hand or mechanical means prior to finishing,
  • green cutting of concrete, or aggregates in any form by hand, mechanical means, gridstones or air or water,
  • filling and patching of voids, crevices to correct defects in concrete.
  • Moving, cleaning, oiling and carrying of all forms to the next point of erection.
  • Snapping of wall ties and removal of tie rods: handling, placing and operation of the nozzle, hoses and pots or hoppers on sandblasting or other abrasive cleaning.
  • Place grade markers as assigned, and run errands as assigned.
  • Other duties as assigned.
  • May be subject to overtime on an as needed basis

 Skills, Knowledge, Qualifications, & Experience

  • Education: No specific requirements.
  • Experience:  No specific requirements.

Pay Range (based on experience and needs)

  • $21.26-$25.77/hr
Equal Opportunity Employer, including disabled and veterans.