About Us


Hardsuit Labs, located in Seattle and founded in 2015 with the same goal as every other game development studio that has ever existed – create great games. What sets us apart is the way we make that happen:

It’s all about our people.


It takes talented, passionately driven people to make great games. Here at the Lab, we work hard to create and to maintain an environment that not only attracts those people and keeps them here, but that allows them to thrive and to do what they do best – create great games. It’s not always as easy as it sounds, but it really is that simple.


We might as well admit it: we’re obsessive about our people and our culture here at the Lab. We believe in hiring a mix of seasoned industry veterans and talented young upstarts, but talent and shipped titles aren’t enough; we’re looking for people who bring a variety of experiences and perspectives – people who we can spend time with, and people who can navigate the unpredictable waters of modern game development as a tight-knit group.


We believe in low turnover, and take steps to guard against the “staff-up and lay-off” cycle that is so common in this industry. When we hire, we intend to hire for the long term, and we’re unapologetically picky about it.


About the Job

Hardsuit Labs is seeking a sound designer who can specialize in environmental and foley audio creation and implementation. You will work closely with your Audio Lead, as well as the animation and level design departments. Day-to-day responsibilities include creating foley and environmental audio, managing environmental and foley audio plans with level design/animation, and scripting and implementing audio in engine. The candidate is expected to create and implement audio that hits the highest bar of quality.


This is a full-time staff position, located in Seattle, WA.



Audio/music freak, gamer, passionate about your craft, and ready to inspire your coworkers by bringing fresh ideas and creativity to the table. You are a skilled sound designer with a deep knowledge of the tools of every part of the sound design pipeline, from foley recording to the final game engine mix. You have mastered the skills and vernacular of 3D audio implementation in the Unreal Engine, and have a grounding in the basics of blueprint scripting. You get immense satisfaction from collaborating with the team, and finally hearing your soundscapes rendered in game. You enjoy communicating, collaborating, and participating in a team with a common focus and shared goals.


Basic Qualifications

  • Record, edit, create and implement high quality sound effects
  • Proficiency with recording hardware and DAW software
  • Ability to create sound assets that are unique, memorable, and impactful
  • Proficiency with digital signal processing tools
  • 2 years game audio experience
  • Mastery of placing and implementing sound in UE4
  • Proficiency with Wwise or FMOD
  • Excellent communication skills, including a strong collaborative inclination
  • Ability to take direction
  • Ability to manage delivery plans and hit deadlines
  • Ability to play through a game environment that's in development and determine the audio needs, with a creative ear
  • Keen awareness of prioritizing essentials vs. non-essentials
  • Ability and desire to learn new tools quickly
  • Passion for storytelling through audio


Preferred Qualifications

  • Audio programming/technical sound design experience a plus
  • Proficiency with synthesizers a plus
  • Experience in film/cinematic audio a plus
  • Experience with surround mixing a plus
  • Experience with procedural game dialog a plus


Required Materials

  • Resume
  • Demo Reel
  • Must complete a sound design test in UE4


Our Benefits

We take our commitment to our people seriously, and we make sure that our benefits directly reflect that commitment; we’re always looking to improve quality of life for our people in any way we can.

  • Medical / Dental / Vision Insurance
  • Healthcare FSA
  • Dependent Care (Daycare) FSA
  • Life and STD/LTD Insurance
  • Voluntary Life Insurance (up to $300,000)
  • 401K Program
  • Unlimited Vacation Time
  • 9 Sick Days / 9 Holidays
Accessibility: If you need an accommodation as part of the employment process please contact Human Resources at
Email: jobs@hardsuitlabs.com

Equal Opportunity Employer, including disabled and veterans.

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