Position Competencies

Position:         Shipping

Department:   Shipping

Reports to:      Shop Manager


The LeJeune Steel Company is dedicated to providing a safe workplace. As an employee working in potentially hazardous conditions, it is your responsibility to uphold our high standards in safety. This means wearing the proper PPE at all times, upholding the points of the STEPS program, and committing to the “you see it you own it” mentality. Employees are expected to be mentally present every day, actively participating in daily huddles, and toolbox talks. Lastly, shop workers are to physically be present everyday checking in and out with the electronic timecard.

General Shop Competencies:

  • Be aware of your surroundings, above and below your work station
  • Maintain a clean, organized work area free from debris or other tripping hazards
  • Be able to read and interpret shop drawings and paint notes
  • Communicate and coordinate with shop leads, the QC department and any other departments to facilitate workflow
  • Treat all company supplied tools & equipment as your own because your job depends on them

Job Specifics:

  • Facilitate the flow of materials in and out of the shop
  • Be certified to use the 30 ton Pendant Crane
  • Handle material with care, especially painted items by using the proper lifting equipment, straps, and corner protectors
  • Safely organize and separate material by sequences for prompt loading and shipping
  • Assist with unloading incoming material from trucks and railcars
  • Verify schedules and work to meet delivery dates
  • Insure that outgoing material has undergone a QC check, and inform leads of material that is ready to be shipped
  • Coordinate with the parts department for securing miscellaneous pallets of materials
  • Use handheld barcode scanners to verify complete loads, printing out load tickets
  • Safely secure outgoing material on trailers and railcars.

Closing Note:

This form outlines the general responsibilities pertaining to the position of Shipping but is not an all-encompassing summary. As an employee of LSC’s fabrication shop, your responsibilities can and will extend beyond the items listed for your respective position competencies, and you will be expected to rise to meet the task at hand.

Equal Opportunity Employer, including disabled and veterans.