International Fire Protection (IFP) is an Alabama-based fire suppression company. We have charted our history and legacy in building a safer environment for our customers and communities. Therefore, LIFE SAFETY IS OUR BUSINESS, as such, we promise to provide the best life safety service to our customers through quality, integrity, honesty, and customer satisfaction.



The Life Safety Inspector is responsible for testing and inspection of fire and life safety systems including, but not limited to, fire alarm, fire sprinkler, fire extinguishers, backflow preventers and special hazards fire protection systems. The Inspector will provide accurate and detailed inspections reports with all proper documentation of improvements and complications and assist in selling IFP services for any identified deficiencies. 


  • Ensure Accountability: Hold yourself and others accountable to meet commitments. 
  • Communicate Effectively: Inspector is expected to communicate effectively with the customer and salesmen of the findings of their perspective inspection so that there is no confusion upon departure of the job site and that the salesmen have a clear understanding of what is needed to take care of the customers’ needs. 
  • Action Oriented: Take on new opportunities such as cross- training and tough challenges with a sense of urgency, high energy and enthusiasm. 
  • Customer Focus: Build strong customer relationships and deliver customer-centric solutions. Without the customer, we have no jobs! 
  • Plan and Align: Plan and prioritize work to meet commitments aligned with organizational goals. 


  • Schedule and perform routine inspections, testing, installing, services and preventative maintenance of life safety product lines 
  • A weekly/monthly Astea job request document must be submitted to the back office. 
  • Astea and Form Link must be utilized on all inspections. 
  • Handle low voltage wiring and corresponding devices for the operation of low voltage equipment 
  • Responsible for operating with minimal supervision while performing fire protection inspections. 
  • Inspect and service commercial fire sprinkler systems and associated equipment. 
  • Work with Project Leader, Schedule Coordinator and Office Administrative Staff to ensure complete closeout and turnover of jobs to the client (Confirm that work is completed so it can be billed in full). 
  • Build and maintain relationships with customers. Up-sell all IFP services to include SHAD, sprinkler installation and monitoring. 
  • Meet responsibilities to the customer, fellow workers and IFP by arriving on the job on time, ready to work, every day. 
  • Maintain accountability and respect tools provided by IFP. 
  • Complete work at or below budgeted labor hours. Immediately inform your leaders of any delays or work stoppages. 
  • Respect the customer’s property. Dispose of all trash properly and be aware of your surroundings to avoid property damage. 
  • Understand and follow all customer, APi Group and IFP safety and security policies and procedures. 
  • Obey all safe, reasonable and legitimate leadership directives. 


  • Be a Leader! 
  • Have Integrity 
  • Continually seek opportunities to train and better yourself within the life safety industry.  
  • Possess and maintain all licenses applicable to your job. 
  • Seek opportunities to cross-train into different areas of the industry. 
  • Communicate effectively with your leaders regarding job status and any concerns. 
  • You have full authority to stop work if you observe unsafe actions. 
  • Meet the responsibility to be fit for duty every day; there is a zero-tolerance policy for substance abuse. 
  • Be productive and keep inactive time to a minimum. 
  • Keep your work truck clean and organized. 
  • In addition to required PPE, dress appropriately to represent yourself and IFP as a professional tradesman and organization, respectively. 

Live our values. 

  • We take care of each other. 
  • We take care of our customers. 
  • We strive for excellence. 
  • We stay focused. 
Equal Opportunity Employer, including disabled and veterans.