SALARY: $27.22/HR

GENERAL DEFINITION:   Provide prosecutor service for the Zuni Tribe in all classes of criminal offenses. Investigate and prosecute criminal matters and related legal issues of crimes that occurred within the exterior boundary of the Zuni reservation.

SUPERVISION RECEIVED:     Work is performed under the direct supervision of the Tribal Administrator.



Performs all phases of prosecution over a wide range of criminal matter related issues.

  • Present and prosecute all criminal complaints in Tribal Court.
  • Ensure that police execute Court orders, documents, services of process and other legal requirements.
  • Supervise the gathering of evidence by Tribal law enforcement officers to ensure that each case is promptly and fairly presented.
    • Initiate and/or assist in training tribal police officers in criminal and court procedures.
  • Provide legal services for the Police Department, to assist Social Services and other tribal departments in filing through tribal court and other legal processes.
  • Develop protocol for compiling chain of custody of evidence and legal review of cases.
  • Develop legal strategy for prosecutorial process.
  • Represent the interests of the Pueblo of Zuni in prosecuting individuals charged with violating Zuni Codes.
  • Abide by the ethical code of conduct.

Provide management of prosecutor’s office and prosecution process.

  • Interact and coordinate program efforts, as appropriate, with tribal court, law enforcement, social services, and other support services available to victims and their families and with other governmental entities.
  • Develop general legal strategy for presentation of criminal cases in court.
  • Maintains prosecutor cuff accounts in support of Tribal Administration budget and accounting
  • Review, monitors, and develops applicable procedures and policies guiding the prosecutorial process.

Provides management for individual cases in coordination with other service providers and POZ Public Safety programs.

  • Review police reports and charging documents for probable cause. Recommend prosecution or dismissal of cases and present appropriate plea agreements to the court and recommend appropriate sentences to the court for convicted offenders.
  • Conduct all stages of trial in prosecution of criminal offenses.
  • Prepare and argue or respond to appeals of criminal convictions before Tribal court of Appeals.
  • Interact and coordinate individual case efforts with tribal court, law enforcement, social services and other support services available to victims and their families.
  • Compile credible and cogent evidence and conduct necessary interviews of witnesses to assist in court presentation.
  • Develop individual case legal strategies and present cases in court.
  • Maintain criminal files.
  • Prepare investigative and routine reports.
  • Conduct periodic case reviews.

Provides Technical and legal guidance to POZ on prosecutorial matters.

  • Provide training to tribal programs and other service providers to effectively prosecute cases in court.
  • Comprehend and comply with tribal, federal, state, county and other regulatory agency laws, and regulations pertaining to prosecution.
  • Assist in the review and revision of applicable procedures pertaining to criminal case prosecution.
  • Other duties as assigned by the Tribal Administrator.


KNOWLEDGE, SKILLS AND ABILITIES:   Knowledge of Tribal and Federal court systems and of state, federal and Tribal statutes, rules, regulations, and codes. Knowledge of principles, practices, and methods of legal research. Knowledge of judicial procedures and rules of evidence. Knowledge of court processes, administrative law processes, and legal terminology. Knowledge of legal strategies, their development and presentation. Skill in oral and written communication. Skill in records analysis. Skill in operating a personal computer, in use of software application, and in conducting internet searches. Skill in establishing, maintaining, and improving cooperative working relationships. Ability to plan, coordinate, and implement training. Ability to write reports and to complete forms that may be required. Ability to understand and be sensitive to Zuni culture and tradition. Must be of high moral character and integrity. Ability to follow instructions. Ability to maintain good working relationships with tribal employees, tribal court, law enforcement, and the general public.

TRAINING AND EXPERIENCE:  Juris Doctorate from an accredited law school with one (1) year experience handling criminal cases. OR  A Bachelor’s Degree in Criminal Justice or related major with two (2) years experience in victim assistance, law enforcement, and/or court processes preferred.

LICENSE AND CERTIFICATES:   Must have a valid New Mexico Driver’s License with no DUI/DWI convictions within the past three (3) years. Driving is not an essential part of the duties.

SPECIAL CONDITIONS:   Position is subject to Pre-Employment drug testing. Position is Safety Sensitive and will be subject to random drug screening for duration of employment. Must undergo and successfully pass a background investigation including FBI Fingerprint Check.  Must have own transportation. Must be able to handle stressful situations and provide effective client service. 

Equal Opportunity Employer, including disabled and veterans.