Richard Construction Inc. (RCI) is currently seeking experienced Industrial Journeyman Riggers.

No Per Diem - Job Completion Bonus if criteria are met. 

Position Summary

Riggers will be responsible for the lifting and movement of heavy equipment and materials. They will inspect all applicable rigging. Plans for lifts using weight of the load, lifting capacity of the equipment, and other relative information needed to safely plan any heavy load movement. Attach load using slings, chains, cables, hooks, shackles, and other related equipment. They will be responsible for signaling crane or hoist operators during lifts with proper instructions.

RCI has various levels of Rigger positions based on experience and skills ranked as follows:

  • Rigger Leadman: NCCER Certified (Rigger Advanced preferred). Attaches rigging to loads to provide proper support and load distribution in preparing them to be moved by a crane or other mechanical means. Will use hand or power tools as required to prepare the materials for rigging and movement. Aligns, levels, and anchors machinery onto foundations or structures. Controls movement of heavy equipment or materials through narrow openings or confined spaces, using chainfalls, gin poles, gallows frames, or other applicable rigging equipment. Can fabricate, setup, and repair rigging, support structure, hoists, and pulling gear. Must have 5+ years experience in rigging operations.
  • Rigger I: NCCER Certified (Intermediate Level preferred). Same as "Rigger Leadman" but with 95% ability or greater. Must have 4+ years of experience working as a Journeyman Rigger of a Rigger Helper.

Qualification Highlights:

  • Must possess all knowledge skills and abilities for position (see below)
  • Must be able to successfully complete a designated Rigging Assessment
  • Must meet all physical requirements
  • Must be able to work at heights in excess of 300 feet in elevation
  • Must have all required tools
  • Must be able to regularly and reliably show up at the assigned job site
  • Must meet all safety and security requirements at the assigned job site

Position Responsibilities:

  • Act as safety observer on equipment lifts
  • Inspect all rigging equipment and be able to identify frayed, worn, or damaged parts
  • Plan or assist in planning of equipment or material lifts
  • Attach load using slings, chains, shackles, hooks, cables, and other rigging equipment
  • Tie ropes (Tag Lines) around loads or materials for use of guiding during lifting and positioning of loads into place
  • Guides load during left and positioning
  • Climb structures to guide and position loads
  • Capable of using fall protection appropriate through any load lift and placement
  • Assist in connecting or stabilizing of load prior to detaching load from lift equipment
  • Detach loads and remove rigging equipment
  • Place and remove outrigger pads from cranes and other heavy equipment
  • Identify all tools required for tasks
  • Identify safety risks and precautions required to eliminate those risks

Required Qualifications:

  • Must have specific knowledge of rigging equipment and their capacities
  • Must have knowledge of required tools and their proper use
  • Must be a team player and have effective communication skills in dealing with coworkers and any other related contacts
  • Must have basic knowledge of the construction processes involved in heavy industrial construction
  • Must be able to use problem solving skills and logical thinking to resolve and identify issues, including safety risks
  • Must know proper hand signals to communicate with equipment operators
  • Must have knowledge regarding lift planning including but not limited to the proper equipment to use, the load capacities of equipment and the lifting equipment
  • Must have basic transportation knowledge with regards to moving equipment and loads from one location to another, including identification of visible ground conditions that may impede movements and require Requests for Information (RFIs)
  • Knowledge of arithmetic required to plan for a lift
  • Must be willing to follow all company directives and safety procedures
  • Must be able to work at heights
  • Must have reliable transportation

Preferred Qualifications:

  • Richard Construction Inc. (RCI) former employee from a Reduction of Force (ROF)
  • National Center for Construction Education and Research (NCCER) Certification as an Industrial Rigger
  • Formal/Technical education

Candidate Possession of Required Tools:

  • Sleeve Bars with Holder
  • Spud Wrenches
    • Adjustable Spud
    • 1-1/4" Spud
    • 1-7/16" Spud
  • Bolt Bag
  • Channel Locks
  • Rigged Out Tool Belt
  • 4lb. Hammer
  • 6lb. to 8lb. Hammer
  • 32 oz. Ball Peen Hammer
  • Center Punch
  • Wire Cutters
  • Qty 2 - 12" x 24" Framing Squares
  • Qty 2 - 6" x 12" Squares
  • Safety Toed Boots

Reports to Position:

  • The position will work closely with and occasionally oversee helpers or laborer positions.
  • The position will hold a positional and expertise authority that mentors the helper or laborer positions

Physical Requirements:

  • Employee will be required to adhere to large amounts of standing, walking, bending, squatting, and lifting
  • Will talk and hear in order to communicate effectively
  • Must have good dexterity with hands and fingers to perform rigging connections
  • Able to use arms and hands to signal, grad, hold, turn, and push or pull objects such as materials, controls, and tools
  • WIll be required to lift, carry and move objects up to 50 lbs in weight
  • Will work at heights, climb ladders and stairways, and work off platforms
  • Will occasionally work out on an open structure using the appropriate fall protection requirements
  • Will work at heights up to 300 feet utilizing proper fall protection devices
  • Will use vision abilities to focus, see short distances, see colors, possess depth perception and peripheral vision
  • Must be capable or working outdoors in the elements including but not limited to the heat, cold, rain, snow, and wind
  • Will be required to wear personal protective equipment (PPE) including but not limited to: hard hat, safety glasses/goggles, earplugs/muffs, safety vests, gloves, steel toe/safety toe boots, and masks/respirators

RCI is dedicated in providing a SAFE and Drug Free environment.

RCI is an Equal Opportunity Employer (EEO).

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Equal Opportunity Employer, including disabled and veterans.

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